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What is the problem?

Everyone is a different shape, yet women’s clothing come in just a few standard sizes. Getting clothing hemmed or tailored can be an extra step and hassle, so much so that many people don’t bother to have this done.

The demand for “Made to measure” and accessible clothing has seen a huge increase with new competitors in the market. Eshakti, launched over 10 years ago, has been a leader in the MTM market and according to CNBC, Amazon is reportedly building a secret team that helps customers find clothes that fit perfectly.

Modcloth has an established brand that offers unique clothing styles and extended sizing ranges. However, customers still have to take an extra step in hiring a tailor or end up wearing ill fitted clothing.

What if customers could personalize their clothing within the purchase and check out process? What if we could remove the extra steps it takes to go through a 3rd party tailor? What if the clothes you ordered online just FIT?

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What would this app feature do?

Clothing should be made and adjusted to fit you, and not the other way around.

Custom-made is an interactive feature to the ModCloth mobile app that allows customers more options for personalizing their clothing. While customers are browsing and selecting items, they can see what the clothing would like in real time. Additionally, the can modify and adjust the clothing to their measurements and order tailoring services. Examples of clothing modifications include shortened hemlines, altered necklines, and adding pockets to dresses.

With the interactive photo AR feature similar to EasyMeasure, customers can set their personal sizing specifications and modify their clothing. They also would get a chance to see the clothing on themselves in real time by using the photo option on the app.

The Custom-made app feature will allow users to expand their shopping options by adjusting clothing to fit them.

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Competitive Analysis and Process

  • Purchase through different sites, compare user flows, uncover customer challenges

  • Read through customer reviews to see best and worst case issues, understand usability issues and best practice examples

  • Research tailoring process, costs, and commonalities per clothing item. Uncover pros and cons of MTM (made to measure) businesses

    Pros: Clothing is customizable and can come in tailored options like hem length, neckline and even adding on pockets.
    Cons: Clothing can take up to 8 weeks to deliver, cheaper quality, very basic styles, no way for user to see how item would look on user

Stitch fix:
Pros: Professional styling help and guided selling
Cons: clothing is not personally selected, user has to return items they don’t want adding in another step

Tailor Store:
Pros: AR photo dimensional sizing option for users, ability to highly customize clothing with multiple options
Cons: limited to only one clothing item (men’s shirts)

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Early sketches and application mapping

Early sketches and application mapping

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