Problem solver/putting out fires

My name is Lola Sizemore. Currently, I work at Vitamin T in Boston as a Senior Talent Agent, making a change from working as an art director and graphic designer. I'm passionate about UX, UI Design, illustration, concepting, branding, creative team planning, and playing Cards Against Humanity. Occasionally, I teach workshops and speak at public events about portfolio development and creative hiring. I also enjoy working on challenging and strategic projects where there's room to be innovative.

My inspiration comes from people like Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Cipe Pineles, Frida Kahlo, Jared Spool, Steve Krug and Amy Poehler. Other inspiration comes from endless Spotify playlists, people watching on the MBTA, and swimming in the ocean. 

 I grew up by the beach in Maine, I ride a bicycle and I hate pickles. 

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Here's my little resume.